A New Review

A new review of Seaborn came in. It’s one of the most perceptive—and complimentary—assessments I’ve seen.

Booklist Review 

Every year, high-school-student Luke and his family go on a summer sailing trip on their small boat, Piper. This year is different, though: Luke’s beloved older sister is overseas, and their mother leaves the family the night before the sailing trip. Luke and his father decide to make the voyage anyway, but they are both angry and confused and make a series of bad decisions with disastrous results: Luke’s dad is swept overboard during a storm, leaving Luke alone on Piper in the Gulf  Stream, where he has never sailed before. The text abounds in sailing lingo, and nonsailors may get bogged down in the details. Young boating fans, though, will be happy to find a story that takes their obsession seriously. Readers interested in the arts will also connect with the story. Luke and his family are all artists, and Moodie writes beautifully about an artist’s vision. The colors and moods of the sea feel like additional characters in this unusual novel that combines a gripping survival story with a contemplative family drama. Carton, Debbie. 

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