Signing and Sailing

My first Seaborn book signing is set for October 11 from one to three in the afternoon at Yellow Umbrella Books in Chatham.  It turns out to be a double bill: Carol McManus, author of a cookbook called Table Talk will be signing books as well.  She’ll also cook snacks. Maybe she’ll pass a few my way.  My book does mention meltaways from Bonatt’s Bakery. Maybe I should stop there on my way down and have a box of those luscious pastries to dole out myself. But wait: This isn’t a competition, is it?

The weather looks questionable for sailing this weekend. Hurricane Kyle churned up the atmosphere as it passed, it seems, and dragged tropical swirls our way. Sunday was a muggy mess, and yesterday morning Salty and I were drenched moments after we stepped out into the dark downpour. My tee-shirt adhered to my skin like cold paste.  The next few days look unsettled, and then we’ll have to contend with possible thirty knots of wind on Friday and almost as much on the weekend, so sailing Finn looks doubtful for another week. I can imagine how many barnacles coat the hull and how much water sloshes around in the bilge.  I hope we can get out the first two weekends in October. We’re scheduled to haul her out the weekend following Columbus Day.

The day we haul her out can be sporty at best. Last year was somewhat unnerving because the moon tide was so high the breakwater was submerged and the jetties all disappeared. I was left with the disorienting sense that the water was bulging and tilting. The year before a northerly gale was blowing under Copenhagen blues skies and tatters of white and gray cloud. Then there was the year Ophelia threatened to hit us and we hauled Finn out in the middle of September on a gray, nearly windless day when the water lay smooth as sheet metal. We’ll have to see what Poseidon and Aeolus offer us this year, won’t we? 

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