Passage to the Unknown

Today marks two momentous events, at least in the world according to Wharf Rat: the release of Seaborn and the eve of our daughter’s move to college.

I’m amazed that they spur such similar feelings inside me: relief, anxiety, excitement, pride, and, yes, a wistfulness or sense of loss. Our daughter is leaving our sheltering cove, headed toward what looks to her like a dauntingly complicated world. My book leaves the coddling hands of its author and editor and publisher to make its way in an exceedingly complicated world. Both are making a passage into the unknown.

I suppose my wish for both of them is the same, too: Embrace the world and let it embrace you.

So I’ll sit here with my dog snoozing at my feet and listen to the whisper of the rain on the leaves and the hiss of the crickets in the woods while I ponder what kind of passage I am now embarking on. 

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